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1. So I got my hair, now what?


STEP 1: DETANGLE use your hands to detangle in search of any possible knots. Use a paddle brush to detangle thoroughly being GENTLE rough handling the hair at this stage, will damage the hair altogether, and will be hard to revive after conditioning.

Tip: Do not bypass this step or you will have a hard time dealing with the hair in future steps.

STEP 2: WATER BATH Dip your hair in warm-warm water to open the cuticles of the hair. Be sure to use a downward motion throughout this entire process, to reduce the likelihood of frizz caused -matting.-


Step 3: Co-Wash Apply a generous amount of TreSemme Keratin Smooth or Aussie Mega Moist in the hair spread evenly throughout the hair scrunch as you go,(for pronunciation of curly hair.) use a denman bush at this point to gently detangle and define the curls from the ends to the root of the hair. Scrunch(For Curly or Wavy Textures.)


STEP 4: RINSE Use warm water to rinse the bundles in a downward motion, be sure to get all the product out the bundles.

STEP 5: DRY Use a towel to carefully BLOT dry, and finally hang to -air dry-.

-Optional sundry the hair, Raw Hair loves heat(products penetrate the cuticles better with heat.) DO NOT TAMPER WITH HAIR AT THIS STATE IT IS THE MOST IMPRESSIONABLE. RESIST THE URGE TO TOUCH FRESHLY TREATED HAIR.

-Use Design Essentials Almond and Avacado Detangling Leave in Conditioner 

2. How often should I shampoo and condition the hair?

-Shampoo once a month. 

-Cowash once a week.

-Deep condition when required. 

Tip: When deep conditioning consider using heat. Place in a plastic bag and leave out in sun for 45 minutes. Or put under dryer for 15 minutes. (For curly hair textures, *hair seems to mimic low porosity natural hair, heat helps to open up the cuticles and penetrate the moisture.)


3. How do I eliminate the frizz?

-Limit combing to until you are ready to wash hair(Combing tends to lift the cuticle layer of the hair, and promotes frizz.

-Use a leave in conditioner, directly after washing the hair(while it's still wet) and let air dry.


4. Which heat protectant should I use when straightening the hair?

-Mizani ThermaSmooth Smooth Guard Serum (also works to eliminate the frizz.)

-CHI Keratin Serum 

-Please note when straightening the hair, it is very important to blowdry the  hair *dry* prior to straightening in order to obtain a very sleek press. 

5. Tips on Managing Tangling?

1. Do NOT comb wet hair! Wait until hair is completely dry to use your fingers and or/ a paddle  brush to dentangle gently 

2. Apply the Leave In Conditioner Weekly directly following a cowash.

3. Braid hair at night before bed and use a silk bonnet.

4. Use Mizani ThermaSmooth Smooth Guard Serum